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Frequently asked questons

  • I see "free shipping" everywhere, but there is usually a it REALLY free?"
    Absolutely. We feel your frustration and made it our mission to keep freight free on all orders with no minimums or small order fees. On top of this, we have included LTL items and eliminated all fuel surcharges. Of course, this applies to standard ground freight, but with over 40 warehouses across the country, we reach just about everywhere in 1-2 business days.
  • How long does it take to get an order?
    Most orders, in stock, and placed by 4pm local time will ship same day and arrive in 1-2 business days with 90+ percent of the US orders arriving the next business day.
  • Is there anywhere you won't ship?
    Currently we are setup to deliver anywhere inside the continental United States. If you are needing assistance with orders shipping to Hawaii, Canada or Mexico please contact us and we will direct you to our partners in those areas or countries.
  • Can anyone buy from Indoff?
    We are an exclusive to business supplier. Unfortunately, right now, we are unable to accept credit cards via our online site for individual purchasers. We are working on this. Please keep checking back!
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    We offer our customers (businesses) net 30 terms for paying by invoice, as well as payment by all major credit cards and ACH. Please call, email or chat to find out more details!
  • Where are your stores located?
    Indoff operates specifically as a direct to business supplier. We do not operate brick and mortar stores like the "big box" guys and this is one of the many factors that allows us to keep your costs low. Without having to pay for things like massive stores, utilities, payroll, and massive advertising budgets - we are able to save you big time on your purchases every day!
  • What is your return policy?
    If you receive a product damaged or defective, we will offer a complete return or exchange at our cost within 90 days of purchase. Original packaging and materials will be needed. If you ordered the wrong item by mistake, please notify us within 30 days and we will offer a full refund or exchange. The items will also need to be in new, unopened condition. As always, contact us and let us know what the situation is....we can't fix it, if we don't know. Our aim is to ensure you are taken care of!
  • Where can I find your weekly ad or sales?
    At Indoff, we save you money every day and make sure you don't have to jump through hoops to get a good price! In fact....we are so confident our prices are competitive with the "other guys" that you will see the most recent price of any item also carried by Staples, Office Depot / Office Max and Quill anytime you click on a product on our site. We have found that the big box suppliers are reducing price on key items like copy paper for a weekly ad, but charging outrageous prices on all the other items throughout the store making up that discount...The Indoff difference is this, we are here to reduce your costs, save you time and help you sleep well at night knowing you have a partner in Indoff.
  • How are you able to sell your products at such low prices? Whats the catch?
    Easy! We don't have hundreds of massive big box stores throughout the country eating away at our budgets! We have around 40 strategically located warehouses, that have negotiated best in industry prices with UPS and other carriers, and these warehouses operate efficiently and expediently to get you the largest selection of office products, furniture, technology, ink/toner and janitorial/breakroom supplies in the industry! Plain and simple, we keep our overhead low so your prices aren't high!
  • What if I can't find something online?
    If you can't find it, we will! Let us do the work for you! Call us at 1-866-922-6014 or Email us and let us know! You can also chat with us on the bottom right of our browser window during business hours! We have a network of hundreds of manufacturers and vendors outside of what we stock and will locate the items you need!
  • Do you offer quotes on various size orders?
    Absolutely! One of the values to Indoff is your sales partner works for you and with you every day! We offer custom contracts to focus in on those key "budget killers", or we can take a look at quotes you have on a case by case basis. Call us or visit our request quote page to get started today.
  • Do you offer printed catalogs?
    Currently, we still do, and have no plans to change this. Simply contact us via phone, chat, or contact form online and we will bring one out to you! We have many catalogs and catalog programs to choose from so let us know how we can help and we will customize the shopping experience to you!
  • How can I stay informed on specials?
    Follow us on facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter at the links on top of bottom of our website, or type in IndoffNM to search for us....Click here to join our mailing list , or simply visit our online store by clicking here!
  • Are you a green supplier?
    Indoff makes every effort to use recycled product where possible and to make these types of "planet friendly" products available to our customers as well! Contact us to find the many products and services available to assist in this! We also provide customized reporting on recycled usage to ensure you are staying in compliance with your company or government oversights!
  • Are you GSA?
    Yes! We also offer GSA compliant products and catalogs in line with the GSA program.
  • I am a not for profit group, can you set us up as tax exempt? "
    We certainly can! Simply call us today to get your account setup! We will need your tax exempt certificate via form or online depending on how your state executes these.
  • How can I request a donation?
    Simply go to the form on our contact page and let us know how we can help. Indoff receives thousands of requests a year for donations across the US, Canada and Mexico and will do our best to help where we can, but we can't say yes to everyone, unfortunately. By contacting us on the page you are contacting the NM branch location and we would respond only to donation requests involving NM and West Texas organizations. Please contact us today!
  • What is the difference between OEM and Remanufactured toners?
    OEM specifically speaks to cartridges that are made by the manufacturer of the printers...i.e. HP, Canon, Samsung, Brother, etc. Remanufactured cartidges are made by 3rd party companies and take the used "core" items from recycled toners and rebuild from the ground up. BEWARE THOUGH, there are many clones and remanufacturers that are not to standard and although the price may look right, the product is not healthy for your machine and could void warranty. Indoff takes pride in only selling premium remanufactured products like Xerox, MSE, CIG, Innovera and Elite Image. These brands have proven time and time again the quality of their product. Of these, we highly recommend Xerox and MSE.
  • Do you have a rewards program like the "big box" suppliers?"
    Our rewards program is this. Instead of making you chase ads, follow feeds, or scream down empty aisles looking for someone, anyone, to help you find a product you need....we are here for you. Our business customers. Our partners. We customize a pricing plan specifically for you, look at your buying trends and find ways, proactively, to save you money. We visit you in your office, or answer the phone when you call with over 3 decades of combined business products industry experience. Our pricing stands against Office Depot, Staples, Quill and others so confidently...that we post their pricing alongside ours when our system sees they carry the same thing. Our passion is making your life easier, and lets face it, do you really have room for another card in your wallet? Lets just save you money.
  • Do you price match competitors?
    Indoff will make every effort possible, as we do every day, to keep our prices in line and competitive against the industry. If you discover a price out there and you'd like us to take a look at it, let us know!
  • I buy from Quill and they offer free snacks with certain purchases, do you offer free gifts?"
    Let me assure you, those "free gifts" were not "free". We have done countless invoice analysis against Quill over the years and on average we find our costs at least 5-10 percent lower than Quills. Even more so on Staples, Depot or Max. Thats alot of snacks you could be getting. Many of the "big box" suppliers today use all kinds of tricks and pricing schemes to make it appear you are getting a good deal, at Indoff, we give you quality service and incredible every day values. Saving money and partnering with industry experts - is their a better combo?
  • I've never heard of Indoff, how long have they been around?"
    Since 1971. Headquartered in St. Louis, MO., Indoff Incorporated operates multiple divisions today across North America. Indoff NM is specifically the NM/WTX branch for the business products division. Along with business products, we operate divisions in material handling, commercial interiors, promotional products, energy and lighting, and appliances. Contact us today for more details!
  • I see other divisions listed on the website, how do I contact them? "
    Simply contact us via our contact page or go to
  • Do you have an app?
    Not at this time. It is under development. Our web site is mobile friendly though! We will keep you posted!
  • I didn't get an account number when I registered and now I can't log in. Help!
    If you encounter asking for an account before your user name and password, enter 7950. This will direct you to the right geographical server and division so your account info comes up correctly. Please call, chat, or email us if you have any problems! We will be happy to visit you at a specific time to go over the website and make sure you are up and running!
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